My Goal

MY GOAL is not just for you to reach your fitness goal, but also for you to gain autonomy to navigate your own fit lifestyle, long after you’re done training with me.   But we all need to start somewhere, and I am here for you to pave the way.

As a one-on-one trainer, I will customize exercise programmes that you can do without any exercise equipment or utilize common household items as exercise modalities.  I also bring sanitized mobile exercise modalities to in-person home workout sessions.

Words From Our Satisfied Clients

“I have been practicing yoga for over ten years, have an active lifestyle and a healthy diet but for the last three years I have been gaining weight and losing tone in my core. I was distressed to see my stomach looking soft no matter how many downward dogs and planks I did. I started to resign myself. Maybe it was just inevitable for a woman my age.

What really sold me on Kaori’s system at first was the short time commitment. With a yoga practice three times a week, I didn’t think I could squeeze an additional fitness regimen into a busy agenda. One of the many advantages of Kaori’s method is that I can easily find 30 minutes in a day for a quick, effective workout. And doing the classes via Zoom meant not taking time out to travel to a gym. She gave me the flexibility in scheduling that I needed.

As an added benefit, Kaori’s timely feedback by email along with recorded clips of both of us doing the exercise routines allows me to examine how I can improve my technique in order to exercise on my own safely and effectively. And Kaori’s support gave me the confidence to achieve my goals.

When I first started working with Kaori, I didn’t believe that I would see any visible results so quickly. But in just ten 30-minute fitness sessions, my body – especially my stomach – is toned and stronger. I find I have more stamina for cardio activities. And, on top of that, the exercises have helped to alleviate my chronic shoulder pain. Kaori really listened to my goals, adjusting each session as I progressed. She was thoughtful and creative in planning out our 30 minutes together.

I really didn’t think I could squeeze in another type of fitness practice into an already busy lifestyle. What keeps me going back is her commitment to my progress. But perhaps best of all is Kaori herself. Kaori makes it fun. I look forward to the next session.”

LeslieVery Satisfied Client 2020

“Daily Flex was recommended to me because of issues I was having recovering from ACL surgery with very little outside support due to the pandemic. I had been working out using on-line videos, but did not seem to be getting anywhere. Kaori tailored the sessions to focus not only on strengthening my knee, but also on improving the way in which I was exercising. She kept me focused, as well as correcting errors I was making, posture specifically, but also form. Once I got used to using Zoom, I could concentrate on challenging myself, cues that Kaori picked up on, adding or subtracting exercise depending on the day. Most importantly, she made it fun and gave me a real sense of accomplishment at the end of each session. I could not recommend the program or Kaori more highly.”

Kristina M.July 2020

“Prior to working with Kaori, I had not worked out in over 4 years due to health reasons. I was nervous and unsure how my body would tolerate the excerises. I expressed my concerns with Kaori and she was very understanding and immediately tailored all of our exercises to meet my needs and ensured it was safe for my body. The 30 minute exercises were perfect and attainable, making working out fun and something I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to doing through ZOOM. It was amazing that in just 10 sessions I was able to notice a difference in my stomach and arms. I felt a lot more toned and confident about my body and working out again, especially being guided by Kaori and knowing that I was doing the exercises correctly without injuring myself. The post workout videos and tips sent by Kaori were also extremely helpful and encouraged me to continue to exercise on my own, which I've never been motivated to do before. I highly recommend working with Daily Flex, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Kaori, you are an amazing personal trainer with a special gift in helping people gently transform their bodies while enjoying working out!”

Maria Vrontos

“I am so truly grateful for having started the Daily Flex fitness sessions with Kaori Noguchi. She designs the program specifically for the goals and needs of her client. I particularly loved the many follow up procedures. The full session videos and exercise reviews and tips helped reinforce the lessons as well as demonstrating to me what I could improve and how that showed up later! I also loved that I could do these exercises from home without having to buy expensive gym equipment. The 30 minute sessions made this so doable! Kaori is very easy to watch, learn from and listen to and always checks in to monitor whether the exercise routines need lessening or intensifying. I noticed changes in my posture, strength and energy. I can’t wait for my next session.”

Vivian S.