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Daily Flex’s personalized coaching service is designed to help you realize your fitness goals efficiently, safely and simply. Together we will help you achieve a lasting confidence and enjoyment in maintaining a healthy lifestyle at a realistic and progressive pace.

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Why Personal Training?

There are literally millions of “Free” fitness classes available online, not to mention exercise routines and tips from sports and health magazines. Despite those ‘free’ options,  a great percentage (over 70%) of adults in North America struggle with their fitness health. Why?

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When I first started working with Kaori, I didn’t believe that I would see any visible results so quickly. But in just ten 30-minute fitness sessions, my body – especially my stomach – is toned and stronger.

Leslie A

I had been working out using on-line videos, but did not seem to be getting anywhere. Kaori tailored the sessions to focus not only on strengthening my knee, but also on improving the way in which I was exercising.

Kristina M
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Kaori Noguchi, NASM-CPT

I did not succeed in achieving a sustainable healthy lifestyle until fairly recently.

As an infant, I was born with a congenital hip dysplasia that required me to undergo double hip surgery and didn’t walk until I was two years old. Perhaps because of this, my parents never encouraged me to engage in sports growing up.

I struggled to maintain a healthy body weight since middle school, and for much of my life I was in a constant cycle of yo-yo dieting, binging and purging. I’ve done them all. Some of these efforts produced results, but none lasted for long.

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